About the tournament

Test date

 15th and 16th September


 All golf clubs with and without a course may take part in the event, the event will only be valid for handicap purposes, for national clubs registered with the RFEG

Maximum participation

36 teams

Registration deadline

 September 10th at 18:00

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What does registration include?
Players 1-2 and 3-4 will be the Fourball pairs. The closing date for registration is 18:00 noon on 10 September 2023.

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Golf course
The event will take place at “Lanzarote Golf “, the golf course located in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.
International clubs

International clubs must present a handicap accreditation for each member of the team. 


 The teams will be composed of four amateur players, over 14 years of age. Each Club may submit a maximum of two teams. 

*In case of reaching the maximum participation, the first teams of each club will have preference over the second teams presented by each club. 

Scratch and handicap. *In case the same team wins both modalities, scratch and handicap, the scracth mode will prevail.
Format of play
The Championship will be played in two rounds. The first day will be played 18 holes by pairs Fourball Stableford and the second day, 18 holes Individual Stableford where the 3 best scorecards of each team will count. In case of a tie, the fourth card of the second day will count. If the tie persists, the team with the lowest handicap will win. During the course of the event, any player, but only one during the tournament, may be replaced by a substitute.
Rules of play

 The event will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf in force and approved by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, its Permanent Local Rules and the complementary Local Rules issued by the Event Committee. 

Tee Bars

Red Balls.

Test Committee

The test committee will be in charge of the control of the test and will supervise the application of the rules. The committee will be formed by: Adrián Badenas, Samuel Santana and Jesús Garcia Sicilia. 

Modification of the rules

The committee reserves the right to modify these rules if it deems it appropriate for the improvement of the competition. The Committee will be competent to decide any question that is not foreseen in these regulations. 

Thursday 14th September official training day. Tees off can be booked directly with our reception team or by writing an email to booking@lanzarotegolf.com.
Buggies are allowed during the tournament and can be booked calling +34 928 514 050 or sending an email to booking@lanzarotegolf.com. The price set for buggies during the tournament is 30€ per day.


Here you can see some moments from the previous edition.